Scott Lawrence (SLM) is an American music composer and recording artist. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Scott has made Seattle, WA his home for more than 25 years. His passion for music began at age 5, and by age 12 he had drafted several original piano solo pieces that he later developed into full orchestral and cinematic scores. His early life was wrought with instability and constant change, reflected in his dynamic imagination and musical journey. He found an outlet for peace through creativity and emotional expression - music, and deep rooted inspiration that remains today.

Recently, Scott continues writing a large portfolio of cinematic (film music) and electronic dance music (EDM), much of which can be licensed through MIBE. He has scored short films, contributed to soundtrack recording for video and advertising, and is now building upon his home studio which includes multi-media production as well as vocal recording capabilities. He’s helped create several music videos, worked on numerous collaborative projects, and has produced a variety of singles for upcoming artists, local and international.

Music from his instrumental album, Lost In A Digital World, has been described as, "Truly evocative"…"Haunting" and "Imaginative."


Composition gives proper meaning to the natural streams of sound that penetrate the world.” - Toru Takemitsu

Orchestral & Ambient Film Music

SLM's Electro-Dance & Remix

Corporate Sound & Other


A painter paints his pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence.” - Leopold Stokoski

Film & Video

Collaborative Productions

  • I Love You Anyway - Chablis 
  • Sweat & Testify (SLM Remix) - Garrett Miller 
  • Free To Be Me (SLM Remix) - Groove Addix feat. Chase Silva 
  • Bad Girls (SLM Remix) - Mama Tits 
  • Everything - Nick James 
  • If I Call Your Name - Nick James 
  • When The Lights Go Out - Nick James
  • Baby I'm Out - SLM feat. Adé
  • Bite Me (One Kiss) - SLM feat. Kenyth Mogan
  • This Is Life (SLM Remix) - SLM feat. Nick James
  • Werk Me (SLM's Dirty Love Mashup) - SLM feat. VELO & Cannoli